What exactly is the purpose of Energetic Building?

Energetic Building is an organization committed to giving homeowners like you the tools they need to make their homes healthy, durable and resilient.

The idea is to create a website that will offer you “timeless ways to make your home last”… so that you can make your surroundings more comfortable, so you can thrive in your environment.

It was born out of a deep-rooted personal passion for holistic and synergistic structures. You see, I’m an architect.

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For a decade and a half, I have been juggling all aspects of human needs to make buildings.  Architecture is the result of balancing the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of its occupants.  And above all these human attributes, the environment is of paramount concern today.

I was dismayed when I discovered that our built environment is having a detrimental effect on its natural surroundings.  In fact, buildings account for over 30% of global carbon emissions and consumes up to 40% of all energy.

Given the massive growth of new construction, and the inefficiencies of the existing building stock worldwide, carbon emissions will more than double within the next 20 years, if nothing is done…

Cities and government agencies have begun to address this issue by systematically reducing emissions from their buildings to mitigate climate change.  They are demonstrating that reductions are possible using technologies known and available right now.  Take NYC for example.  The city is committed to sweeping away the poor performances of its aging public buildings, by retrofitting them with energy use.  The goal is 80% greenhouse gas reduction by 2050.

So what does this have to do with you the homeowner?  Well, your home is part of the existing building stock.  Everyone on this planet is exposed to this whether they realize it or not.  And if targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction are to be met, not only are decision-makers in the public building sector to tackle this problem, but so should you.  Let me explain.

We are facing an increasing threat to life on this planet from climate change.  It is the result of rising carbon emission levels in the atmosphere.  Burning fossil fuels to turn on lights, to power appliances and electrical equipment, to heat and cool our homes.  These daily activities in life incessantly emit heat-trapping gases.

The delicate balance of life on this planet is being disrupted.  This damage to the planet is contributed by our every move.  And it is calculated as our carbon footprint.  We each have one.

Here is the inner contradiction: we live and build, but our very living and building is destroying life on the planet.  This makes comfort difficult to achieve in the places we inhabit such as our homes.

Comfort is the essential ingredient for making a home.  But, how do we keep this quality alive over time?  The home is where it all happens, where the spirit of living resides.  From under the roof, comfort can escape from us at any moment.

This is especially the case when we start seeing the signs of climate change: melting ice caps, rapidly spreading droughts, increasingly sever weather, and so on and so on…  Where will we find comfort when our home and our planet are in jeopardy?

To maintain a home requires at a minimum a little attention. Actions of the homeowner, who care about health, wholeness and self-maintenance, generate a sense of aliveness a home is defined by.

Yet making a home truly alive depends on how it systematically works with the environment in a clean way…

Some of us understand sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy and resiliency.  But this knowledge may well be trapped inside the minds of a few and hidden from the many. Sharing this knowledge is the most effective way to help secure life on the planet.

I have come to realize that making this knowledge available to everyone would be an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in my life.  My goal is to put the theory of sustainability back into the practice of making and maintaining our homes – a hard-fought for skill acquired through experience and education.

What I have been searching for and reading about are topics written for you.  You, the homeowner.  You, who are looking for ways to make your life comfortable.  Ways that also do no harm to your surroundings and the creatures living there.  There are four practical categories of information to increase the comfort of your home and make it last.

First, you will be aware of cutting-edge, home energy assessment tools from experts who really know how to measure energy flowing through your home.  Getting a check-up will allow you to see if your home is performing well.  These tools will help you determine if your home is losing energy or money… and where to find cost effective opportunities for energy savings.

Second, you will know how to objectively fix problems to make your home more energy efficient.  This involves putting together a personal strategy after your home’s diagnosis.  Focusing on a list of upgrades you can implement over a period of time depending on your budget is important to your success.  We’ll also take you through a whole-building approach to achieve much greater energy efficiency… and improve your home’s value.

Third, you will see the potential of renewable technologies.  Cost-effective homes that produce more than they use are possible.  Replacing power with renewables expresses the solution to our concern over rising energy costs.  We’ll explore their treatment and affordability.  But, we’re sure you will profit from them.  By using renewable energy, you reduce the dependence on polluting fossil fuels, save money and protect our environment.

Finally, great architecture responds to its surroundings now and throughout history. Great homes self-create and maintain with nature.  These are timeless truths the architect carries along.  We’ll define what a resilient home means.  You will discover how to make your home stand up against severe weather.  You’ll also learn how to get off the grid if you so choose.

So this is EnergeticBuilding.  It is a simple passion-project created honestly with you the Homeowner in mind.  With a dynamic approach and combined action from you and your neighbors, together we can have a greater response for mitigating carbon emissions and saving energy.

You can carry the knowledge of an architect right into your life and in your home. The sustainable tools and strategies in this website are here to help achieve comfort for you, your family, and the next generation.

Together, we will be in a position to evaluate our homes and see how energy can be tapped naturally from the environment to keep them alive.

Our core values guide our awareness for great buildings and homes.  They define our world where we as neighbors become alive, full of energy and creativity.

Our core values at Energetic Building are:

  • Understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy homes to increase the quality of life on our planet
  • Pursuing excellence through environmental education and sustainable innovation
  • Becoming self-reliant by solving the carbon emissions problem as individual homeowners and inspiring our neighbors to do the same
  • Seeking the spirit of life by being alive in our communities and in our environment for our sake, and in our surroundings…

I invite you to join us.



Irving Yee


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