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Are you tired of searching for alternative ways to make your home comfortable?

Are you worried about your ability to pay for energy in the future?

Are you concerned about your dependence on the electrical grid, and looking for ways to generate your own energy?

Or wondering what YOU can personally do about the environment?

I can help!

Tell me what your needs are at the moment.  We’ll look at ways to do something about them.  We can discuss the problems you are facing through email communication between us.  One-on-one phone calls can also be arranged via email.

In our conversations, you can describe to me your fears and frustrations when it comes to wasting energy at home.

Together, we can talk about such things as:

  • Understanding what energy efficiency is all about
  • Acting on energy conservation
  • Choosing or buying the higher energy efficient home
  • Having a healthier home
  • Putting dollars back into your pocket while improving your home

Whatever it is, I want to help you solve your problem.

Tell me your biggest wants and aspirations for your home.  You may be wondering about the value of your house when you sell.  You may want to improve your indoor air quality and feel healthy at home.  You can talk to me about how you want your kids to grow up and the home experience.  Or you may aspire to living a low carbon lifestyle, while being responsible with your money and the planet.

Together, we can identify the many opportunities you can take to stop wasting energy at home.

My vision is for every home and building in America to be energy responsible.

Let’s start right here!



Irving Yee


P.S.  Emailing me is free.  You’re just an email away from talking to an Architect who cares about your efforts in creating a culture of energy responsibility at home.  I’m here to move you to make the right moves towards that goal.

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