Where 32 of your tax dollars are going

I’m afraid of taxes.

I get especially worried about taxes when the Federal Reserve is printing more money – to finance the deficit of the government on a permanent basis. The Fed does so by issuing large amounts of currency to stimulate the economy. As more debt is issued as a result of the government, the dollar declines in value.

12_Debt ball and chainThen we need balance. The government reduces debt by commonly using two methods: cut spending and raise taxes. It seems unfair that we are being punished for the government’s actions. The Treasury sells bonds in exchange for the money to do as the government wishes.

As more debt is piling, taxes will increase in the future. The debt will be paid back by our children and grandchildren. It is a mechanism for government to reduce their present debt load – by extracting from us through future taxation. Our future prosperity is in jeopardy.

Millions of Americans feel like they are being mugged by the government.

They are losing faith in the government fulfilling its basic function – to prevent the strong from oppressing the weak – to regulate the financial system.

Homeowners are particulary worried. The government will mainly use property taxation to reduce the deficit. Homeowners feel burdened by them and want some sort of relief. Their taxes and mortgage are why they go to work every day.

In their spare time, homeowners work in their yards and beautify their neighborhoods. This may increase property values for others. But they get no direct compensation for the work they’ve done. And property taxes keep going high.

Utility costs are high. Heating and maintenance costs are high. And you realize something is not right. Your home is no longer an asset. It’s a liability.

Property taxes for one family I know in Dobbs Ferry, NY is over $20,000. Property taxes for another family in Franklin Lakes, NJ is $16,000. These are some of the most expensive places to live. If you look in other states, property taxes are modest in dollar terms. But when the tax burden is measured as a share of home price then the pain really hurts. For example, some in Illinois pay 3% of their home value in property taxes.

The role of government is to protect our rights, ensure our safety.

Allow people to live as they wish.

Trust in the government is collapsing. It controls our behaviors. Its policies benefit corporations and other institutions. Now, there is a growing number of homeowners who are getting off the grid. This has become a small movement for less government in the U.S. today.

More and more are not depending on the government to supply their everyday needs. They simply want to set a limit on paying for decisions made by big government. And also by big corporations for that matter.

Part of the reason why folks are getting off the grid is because they themselves want to reduce that kind of impact the government is imposing on them. Some just want to become more self-reliant. Others want a better sense of personal freedom.

People are angered by the tax dollars lost to governmental activities. Activities that give no benefit to those who contribute the most to society.

Programs funded by our tax dollars don’t reach us. Money is taken away for programs that have no return. We have no connection to these programs. Our taxes go to foreign aid and welfare. We feel no benefit at home. We just don’t see where it all goes.

Many of us say that taxes hinder our economic growth. We’re being sucked dry by tax collectors. We would be better off if we kept more of our money we pay in taxes. Especially when the tax burden is rising.

But would we really be better off if we paid less in taxes?

The average American pays just 32 dollars out of pocket to fund the Environmental Protection Agency. The agency’s programs ensure we have clean air and clean water. All 32 dollars go to deal with environmental threats like:

  • natural disasters
  • acid rain
  • toxic waste
  • oil spills
  • mercury and lead contamination
  • radioactive waste
  • pesticide poisoning
  • ozone depletion
  • global warming
  • drinking water depletion

If we break it down, each of these 10 threats costs $3.20. Isn’t one of these worth that amount? Perhaps we put more tax dollars into this governmental activity, more so than others. Perhaps corporations pay extra for the damage they do to the environment. The debates and arguments continue…

??????????????????Many Americans are also now saying that they are willing to have their taxes increased – if the money goes to important programs like environmental protection.

At some level taxation is necessary for society.

We need our roads, streets and parks to be clean. Education is a major concern when states start to think about building schools and colleges. Healthcare must be made more accessible. But how far will we go on funding for things we think are just plain wrong and wasteful.

There is no one solution to this. If we are to take action and become more self-reliant, there are various methods to take – solar, wind, wave and earth renewable energies must be considered to lower our costs as a civilization. Or used in an attempt to re-direct government’s way of handling business.

After all, government is encouraging the oil industry through tax credits.

Homeowners can find ways to relieve the burden of taxes.

Going off the grid may or may not be your goal. But you can reduce your energy consumption and gain greater self-sufficiency at home first. Look for ways to reduce energy demand through efficiency. This means making decisions to eliminate massive amounts of waste in your home.

Energy efficiency means living well. This measure can improve the quality of your life. For example, sealing up leaks in the walls and roof of your home can make it more comfortable throughout the year. This cuts energy demand.

Energy conservation means saving money. Lots of it. Your family can reduce the amount of money it gives to the utility companies. And you can use the money saved to pay for your taxes.

This measure reduces your demand for natural resources. It reduces the huge environmental damage resulting from its exploration, extraction, transport and combustion.

Start by learning about both measures here.

This decade may one day be characterized as the time many Americans began consuming less – slashing fuel bills and helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Not to mention impacting a distinct lack of money.

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